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My retweet-to-win bot

As many have already done, I ventured to make a retweet-to-win bot on Twitter to investigate how many of the contests are real.

So far 21,000 contests have been entered and 67 have been won, giving a winning percentage of 0.31%. When I enter a given contest it an average of 41 retweets with a standard deviation of 104 retweets.

What kind of prizes can one expect?

An analysis of thousands of the entries revealed the following word cloud:


How many contests are actually real?

How many of the retweets are even real? Maybe not many of them. Suppose on average, a contest saturates at 40 retweets, giving me a 1/40 chance of winning. My winning percentage should be roughly equal to the 1/40, so given I won 67 contests there should have been ~3,000 contests that are definetly real. This is a very rough estimate.

However, I have actually entered 21,000 contests. Assuming the above, that means most of the contests are not real or have no intention of paying out.

Some physical contests recieved

  1. Limited South Park Monopoly (worth $150)
  2. Workaholics bobblehead
  3. $50 gift certificate to Amazon
  4. $20 gift certificate to Amazon
  5. DVD of the Vatican Tapes
  6. DVD of Key and Peele seasons 1+2
  7. PS4 game Madden 2015

Total revenue: $70 Total expenses: ??

Sample of contests won

  1. Autographed cookbook\

  2. Two passes to Indian Film Festival

  3. Mixing or mastering services

  4. 5$ mGift card to Dunkin Donuts

  5. Black Ops3 Beta code

  6. Tickets to see Irish film festival

  7. Fantasy novel

  8. Snacks

  9. Two tickets to dance performance

  10. Four tickets to see George Clinton in San Diego

  11. Back Ops3 Beta code

  12. Two tickets to Men Without Hats in Dallas, Texas

  13. Football digital card? 96 fairley

  14. Sampler pack of tea

  15. Tickets to homebuilding and renovation show in London

  16. Tickets to movie preview in South Africa

  17. Everglow CD (a canadian band)

  18. Two tickets to see a band in Long beach

  19. Tickets to a 3D movie in Nairobi

  20. Tickets to a fintess event in Chicago

  21. 50$ gift certicate for Amazon!

  22. Megaman print

  23. Tickets to Latino summit in New York

  24. Free trial of a VPN service

  25. Fishing Bob fishing light

  26. Graphic novel

  27. Romance audio book

  28. Tickets to a Beerfest in Indiana

  29. CD from Matt Steady of acoustic music

  30. Two tickets to Coalminers gig in London

  31. Vancouver International Film Festival tickets

  32. Tickets to see Jane Doze in California

  33. Tickets to see PJ Powers

  34. Tickets to the Raleigh Home Show

  35. Free meal at Mocka Lounge in Carfill

  36. Tickets to BBC Classical music festival

  37. Some stickers

  38. Minecraft skins

  39. Dermatology treatment

  40. Tickets to Faster Pussycat show

  41. Maids of Honor trilogy books

  42. A Quesopalooza poster

  43. Tickets to a TV show screening

  44. A book about banking

  45. Two tickets to see John Mack Millan in Boone, NC

  46. Tickets to see a screening

  47. Lifetime use of website

  48. Tickets to music show

  49. Tickets to comedy show

  50. Tickets to afterparty from film fest

  51. Tickets to a fashion show party

  52. Rugby ball

  53. Two tickets to Make Love not War fest

  54. Tickets to music show

  55. Mini umbrella

  56. McDonalds prize pack

  57. Bass picks

  58. Beer coozie

  59. Tickets to a cycle show

  60. Free Minecraft server

  61. Pickapeppa sauce swag

  62. Superglue

  63. Vibrator

  64. Madden 2015 for PS4

  65. Tickets to emerald coast party

  66. DVD of movie

  67. Comedy Central swag ($250 worth?)