✏️ How I vim

I’ve been enjoying writing in vim a lot more. There is a nice and simple way to make writing a lot easier (word-wrapping, nice color scheme). You can just make the following config file (save as ~/.vimrc):

func! WordProcessorMode() 
  set columns=80
  setlocal formatoptions=1 
  setlocal noexpandtab 
  map j gj 
  map k gk
  setlocal spell spelllang=en_us 
  set complete+=s
  set formatprg=par
  setlocal wrap 
  setlocal linebreak 
  set foldcolumn=3
  highlight Normal ctermfg=black ctermbg=grey
  hi NonText ctermfg=grey guifg=grey
com! WP call WordProcessorMode()

Then, while in vim you can activate the word processing mode by typing :WP.

May 28, 2018